How we cut the application cost by 35% for the B2B marketplace Promlinks
What we did
A B2B marketplace specializing in 3D-printing service and metal processing appealed to us. The idea of the service is to shorten the process of agreeing on the contractor and their search in the industrial sector. One could find a contractor in their region and at a reasonable price via Promlinks within five minutes. The service takes all the guarantees upon themselves. So, it turned into a marketplace in B2B services.

The client was only on the stage of planning the launch, so we had to work from scratch.
Yandex Direct has been able to launch ads with pay-per-conversion for a long time but there wasn’t any statistics, so we launched several types of campaign simultaneously:

— Pay-per-click
— Pay-per-conversion
— Master campaign with pay-per-conversion

Additionally, we divided the campaigns not only by fields and services, but also by regions, we highlighted Moscow and the rest of the country. It turned out to be more than 100 advertising campaigns. There wasn’t anything special about gathering key words, we made a query list, divided the words by cities, then we dived into technologies, details’ names, ways of processing etc.

3D service campaigns worked best of all. But this direction is just more popular than the others.
Within two months we managed to cut the application cost by 35%. After getting the statistics we turned off inefficient key words and platforms. We immediately started spending fewer funds on advertising because we used pay-per-conversion strategies.

Collecting statistics of such campaigns, we also changed the settings for the campaigns with pay-per-click systemwhere it is possible to work on the reach by key words more accurately.