We share 15% of each payment throughout the entire period of cooperation with the client.
Who is the partnership programme for?
For everyone who has leads or customers for any advertising or digital service. Our super-competency isperformance-marketing.
For those who lack digital specialists but their customer needs some, we can work under the brand of your agency.
You may be a developer who is not engaged in promotion. You could delegate this work to us and continue earning 15% monthly from each customer payment. For example, our work for a client costs 500 US dollars per month, then every month you will receive 75 dollars.
We offer only real solutions from practice — we speak the same language with clients and know how to get to the bottom of things.
We do not work with bookmakers, esoterics and other questionable subjects.
We are not just an agency, we are people experienced at launching our own projects. We focus on key indicators
We are honest with ourselves and with our clients.
About us
There are 10 people in the team now. We have learned how to solve the problem of attracting turnkey customers, starting with website development and analytics settings, and ending with paid advertising and seo promotion.
Performance approach at all stages of interaction.
Our clients