Contextual advertising for “Chistaya Liniya” shop
What we did
We were contacted by St. Petersburg brunch of a large ice cream brand “Chistaya Liniya” with their online shop. Moscow and St. Petersburg were completely separated, they had different teams, budgets, sales platforms. The task was to reach Moscow level without allocating huge funds for advertising. By the way, in the capital the company had TV commercials, an integration with an observation deck in Moscow City district, which means that the prominence of their website and brand in general is much higher than in St. Petersburg.At the time of the request, the client received some kind of audience to their website via the corporate portal and via the Moscow online shop. No one was engaged in advertising and SEO.
“Chistaya Liniya” is ice cream that one can buy almost in any shop but the advantage of the online shop is that there are some flavours that don’t appear in other shops and “Chistaya Liniya” is a brand that uses only natural products made by themselves. This is what we emphasized when communicating with the audience.
Apart from standart decisions like Yandex.Market and dynamic campaigns, we gathered the audience according to their interests. Thanks to the audience portrait we managed to reach more than 3000 orders within three months.