Cottage village “Olkhovka”
What we did
Cottage village “Olkhovka” is located in a prestigious and eco-friendly district, two kilometers to the West from Moscow Ring Road. The client is The client is engaged in the sale of land plots and houses. They applied to our agency in order to generate leads for paid channels, particularly for Yandex.Direct, Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram. We would like to demonstrate the results after targeted advertising.
The client provided us with all photographs and videos which they had. They often updated them, too. The owner also told us in detail about pros and cons of the district, as well as of the construction technology. That information allowed us to understand who the client in the end was. Having collected the information about the competitors, we decided on creatives and launched the project.
Thanks to hyperlocal targeting and testing of creatives, we got 38 for 4 US dollars